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Energy saving window treatments and coverings

Home decor meets energy savings
Energy saving window treatments

Energy saving window treatments and coverings are the cost effective solution to winter time heat loss and summer time heat gain. So select the right insulated and solar window coverings.

After all new energy efficient windows are long term investments that take years to eventually pay for themselves.

The right combination of energy saving window coverings and treatments can almost instantly provide home energy savings. 

Window treatments don't just reduce heat loss and heat gain, they also enhance home decor and all at a fraction of the cost of new replacement windows. With that said,  the windows is where decor and energy efficiency can effortlessly meet.

How to choose

There is no absolute or perfect answer for every home. Some insulating window coverings are more energy efficient than other thermal window coverings. 

But for many homeowners window treatments must also be as decorative as they are energy efficient. Which energy saving window treatments will best suit your home will depend largely on the season and your regional climate.

Types of energy saving window coverings

There are three types of energy saving window coverings:
  1. Energy saving window treatments that effectively reduce both heat loss and heat gain.
  2. Insulating window coverings that effectively halt heat loss during the fall and winter.
  3. Solar window coverings that are quite effective at absorbing and shading solar heat during the spring and summer.

Year round energy saving window treatments

Insulating window blinds and shades such as cellular shades and honeycomb shades can halt up to 86% of heat gain and 80% of heat loss. These window treatments are also excellent decorative alternatives to standard mini blinds.

Insulating window film can reduce summer heat gain by as much as 72% and insulate up to 55% of household heat during the winter, while maintaining almost the entire window view.

External window shutters if fitted tightly, are almost equally as effective at reducing heat loss and heat gain. However overall energy efficiency will also depend on how often these insulated window coverings are used.

Insulated window coverings

Interior storm windows provide homeowners with much of the same benefits as double paned windows. These energy saving window coverings can reduce winter time heat loss by 50% or more.

Plastic window insulation film these do it yourself window treatments can serve as temporary interior storm windows. They provide much of the same benefits as more permanent inside storm windows and at a fraction of the cost.

Insulating window blinds and shades use pleated fabrics to trap and insulate household heat very effectively.

Low e window film can be applied to the interior of a homes window panes to reduce heat loss. Both these thermal window coverings make great solar window coverings as well, reducing heat gain during the spring and summer months.

Solar window coverings

Outdoor window shades or roller shades can reflect from 85% to 95% of solar heat during the spring and summer months. However energy savings will also depend on placement and how often these solar sun screens are used.

Awning window treatment can shade windows, doors and patios like giant umbrellas. Window awnings can prevent as much as 77% of solar heat gain, significantly reducing home cooling costs.

Heat control window film can be applied to the inside glass surface of any window or door. This energy saving window film can halt as much as 72% of solar heat gain while preserving almost the entire outward view. Decorative energy saving window film can also instantly enhance curb appeal.

Indoor or inside window shutters are becoming popular for their classic decorative appeal, but there also very effective at blocking and absorbing solar heat.

The best approach to energy efficient window treatments

Homeowners who reside in climate regions where both home heating and cooling costs are of concern should strongly consider using both thermal or insulated window coverings as well as solar window coverings. This approach will maximize home energy savings potential.

Do it yourself energy saving window coverings

Installing energy saving window film on average sized windows is a relatively easy project. In fact many manufactures offer do it yourself window film kits.

Interior plastic window insulation film is also sold in kits, allowing homeowners to install temporary interior storm windows, and all in a matter of minutes.

Home Energy Savings - Pleases Your Pockets And The Earth
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