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Year round insulating window film

Low e window film is the best year round heat control window film

Energy saving insulating window film with low e coating will significantly lower both your home cooling and home heating bills. 

Low e window film is one of the most effective year round energy saving window treatments, reducing solar heat gain in the summer by as much as 72% and insulate up to 55% of household heat during the winter months.

Low e coating or glazing

Low e, which is short for low emittance, is a microscopic metallic coating thats clear and transparent. This metallic coating is sputtered or sprayed on the surface of some heat control window film. And in fact, today even some of the best energy efficient replacement windows have low e glazing.

If a heat control window film contains sputtered low e coating then it will prominently state so on the product packaging.

Blocks ultra violet light

As with all energy saving window film, low e insulated film block almost all ultra violet light. This prevents carpets and other household fabrics from prematurely fading and protects wood furnishings from bleaching.

Do it yourself window film

Low e window film can be installed by almost any energy savings minded home owner. In fact installing heat control window film yourself on average sized and accessible glass surfaces is actually quite easy.

Watch this video and see for yourself how relatively easy it is to install energy saving window film.

Other important considerations

While low e window film is one the most effective energy saving window treatments or coverings, its worth noting that insulating window film more times than not is applied by an adhesive bond.

So there almost never reusable, like most removable window film. In fact a liquid solution is often required to effectively remove insulating film.

Home Energy Savings - Pleases Your Pockets And The Earth
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