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Windows with low E glazing

Some of the best energy efficient windows

Low e glazing and coatingSome manufactures are using energy saving window treatments like low e glazing. 

These low emittance coatings significantly improve overall window energy efficiency. 

Making low e windows some of the best replacement or new home windows currently available.

This pre placed glass coating is microscopically thin and unlike outdated energy saving window treatments such as tinting, low emittance coating is completely transparent.

So the view from your living room won't remind you of the dim glass tinted view from some office buildings.

And low e windows effectively block ultra violet light, which prevents household woods from bleaching and household fabrics from fading.

Low e coating is placed on the inside panes of some double paned windows and triple paned windows primarily to reduce U-Factor rates. Several low emittance coatings have been developed to better suit the different U.S climate zones, making finding the best replacement windows easier. 

High Solar Gain Low E Glazing

Sometimes referred to as hard or pyrolitic coating. Windows with a high solar gain low e coating will insulate inside heat very well but will also allow high levels of solar heat.

Making this coating best suited in cold climates where home heating is undoubtedly the primary concern.

Moderate Solar Gain Low E Coating

Moderate solar gain low e coating is often referred to as soft coating. This glazing treatment significantly reduces heat loss while also moderately reducing unwanted heat gain.

This energy saving window coating is well designed for climate zones where both heating and cooling are significant concerns.

Low Solar Gain Low E Coating

This treatment is sometimes called spectrally selective coating or sputtered coating. Low solar gain glazing does considerably less to insulate heat, but this glazing allows considerably less solar heat.

Double or triple paned windows with this low emittance coating are some of the best energy efficient windows in warm climates where home cooling is clearly the primary concern.

Gas Filled Windows

Some manufactures are even going further to reduce heat gain and heat loss. New gas filled windows have non toxic gases inserted and sealed between the layers of glass to even further improve window energy efficiency.

Before choosing a low e window, don't forget about the Frame! Which window frame you choose can have a huge effect on overall window efficiency.

New home windows come in different operating styles. Getting a double hung window over a sliding style can have an effect on your heating and cooling bills.

Home Energy Savings - Pleases Your Pockets And The Earth
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