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Gas Filled Windows

Gas filled replacement windows are some of the best energy efficient windows available

Gas filled windows are some of the best energy efficient replacement windows on the market today. Efficiency is significantly improved with an injection of non toxic, odorless and transparent gas.

Gas insulated windows use one or a combination of two dense atmospheric gases, argon and krypton. Both argon and krypton are thicker and denser than the flushed air or dry nitrogen that fill the air spaces of most multi paned windows.

These gases are filled and sealed in the air spaces between the layers of glass in some double paned windows and some triple glazed windows. Filling the space with these denser gases reduces both heat loss and heat gain significantly.

Argon filled windows

Argon is generally the less expensive of the two. Argon is used to fill multi paned windows with around ½ inch of space between the panes.

Krypton filled windows

Krypton is usually more expensive than argon, but krypton serves as a better window insulator. This gas is usually used to fill air spaces of around 1/4 inch between the panes.

Insulating and reflective window coating

In some double and triple paned windows low E glazing,or low emittance coating, is placed on the window glass in order to redirect and insulate heat. 

The best energy efficient windows available today are argon and krypton filled windows that also have low e glazing to even further reduce energy loss.

How are gas filled windows rated? Make sense of the
NFRC window energy efficiency rating system.

Which units will be the best replacement windows for your home
will depend largely on your regional climate.

Don't forget about the Window Frame! Which frame you choose
can have a huge effect on overall window efficiency.

New home windows come in different operating styles. Choosing a double hung over a sliding window may have an effect on your heating and cooling bills.


Home Energy Savings - Pleases Your Pockets And The Earth

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