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The Energy Savings Blog

The Energy Savings Blog keeps you up to speed on all matters regarding energy efficiency and water conservation at home via our lower-my-energybill.com site.

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Free Energy Advice

Energy costs are on the rise, and finding ways to save money is the number one priority for many household budgets. By taking some simple steps toward

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Save Money and Water with New Lawn Product

New Sprinkler Buddy custom fits lawn sprinkler rotors & spray heads. Keeps sprinkler heads visible and helps prevent accidental damage during routine lawn

Continue reading "Save Money and Water with New Lawn Product"

Saving Water with the Air Conditioner

When I run my air conditioner at home, I drain the condensation into a 25 gallon wet dry vacuum and I take the water outside in my empty plastic cat litter

Continue reading "Saving Water with the Air Conditioner"

Gas Water Heater Timer

There is a gas water heater timer on the market which does not require a valve to be added to the gas line. The Gas Water Heater Timer simply automates

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Air Conditioning Energy Saving Tips

Did you know that setting your air conditioner only 5 percent higher can save up to 20 percent on cooling costs? You may not want to completely turn the

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Georgia Natural Gas Providers Gouge Customers

It has been my experience companies such as Scana Energy gouge their consumers by allowing the customer only to have a lower unit rate if you rant, rave

Continue reading "Georgia Natural Gas Providers Gouge Customers"

Scana Energy Is Full of Scams and Scams

My service was disconnected after paying the past due amount, they came to reconnect my service. Three days later, Atlanta Gas Light was in front of my

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Do light bulbs affect your air conditioning?

Conventional light bulbs (also called incandescent bulbs) may actually make your air conditioning work just a little harder. Only 10 percent of the energy

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Energy Efficiency the Musical

Is there a better way to spread the word about the benefits of energy efficiency than singing? We think not! Feel free to view and share this entertaining

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Why the Apathy about Pollution

I have been in the construction business my entire working career. Last year I started a subsidiary company dedicated to practicing zero emissions lawn

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EPA's "Battle of the Buildings" Puts a Smack Down on Energy Waste

Today, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) ENERGY STAR program marked the midpoint of its 2011 National Building Competition: Battle of the

Continue reading "EPA's "Battle of the Buildings" Puts a Smack Down on Energy Waste"

Keep The Heat Out in The Summer

If you live in Florida and have a trap door to the attic in your house you will find that it is generating over 110 degrees into your living space. Two

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Take Action with ENERGY STARs Across America

Today, the EPA is introducing ENERGY STARs Across America – a grassroots effort to help families learn about energy saving actions they can take at home

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Georgia Natural Gas and Slow Connection of Service

k, for starters here’s the fine print: I was late on my natural gas bill and my service was disconnected, so for my part, I'm responsible for this inconvenience.

Continue reading "Georgia Natural Gas and Slow Connection of Service"

Top 10 Reasons to Buy Solar Window Screens

Top Ten Reasons To Buy Solar Shades 1. Solar Screens do not make you home darker, now you can leave your blinds open all day instead of closed like they

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Energy Savings and Sun Protection

Your home is where you should feel most comfortable. Yet heat, cold and glare can make your favorite room the last place you want to be. Films can reduce

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Green Living In A Can

With all the talk of “Living Green”, it is often easy to ignore the obvious. And in the case of saving energy, changing bulbs can really make a difference.

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Helpful Energy Saving Ideas

Here are some of my thoughts on saving energy at home. Turn off the air conditioning, dampen yourself down with water and turn on a regular fan. As the

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Energy Savings In SC - Don't Ask Don't Tell

I AM A REBEL...Which in South Carolina, is a meaningful term. I am an energy savings freak not to be spoken to and possibly communist. I am not exaggerating

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Attic Fan, Point Source Wtr Heater, Solar Furnace - OH MY

Remodeling a home - is a given not an option so why not be smart and remodel with savings AND environmental sustainable in mind? I read an article that

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