Why the Apathy about Pollution
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Why the Apathy about Pollution

by Energy Saver
(Richmond, VA)

I have been in the construction business my entire working career.

Last year I started a subsidiary company dedicated to practicing zero emissions lawn care.

My lawn care service is slightly more expensive than my competitors; due to the fact our battery operated mowers are not as fast or large as my competitors that use pollution causing combustion engines.

I recently priced a yard that was extremely large compared to most lawns. The yard was approximately 30,000 square feet.

When I quoted the homeowner, she said I was out of my mind since my price was 20 dollars more than the lawn service she uses. I explained to her, with our service she would not have to worry about someone spilling gas in her yard and she would not be using oil unnecessarily.

All of our lawn equipment battery chargers are hooked up to solar panels. She said for twenty bucks she will take that chance.

I'm looking for advice... My site content has a lot to be desired but I am looking for advice how to get my message across with my estimates.

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