Do light bulbs affect your air conditioning?
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Do light bulbs affect your air conditioning?

by Sean McCutcheon

Conventional light bulbs (also called incandescent bulbs) may actually make your air conditioning work just a little harder.

Only 10 percent of the energy used by these light bulbs produces light - the other 90 percent produces heat. And I think most would agree that additional heat is the last thing home and business owners need in the summer and spring months.

The average Florida home owner could save up to $70.00 per year by using compact fluorescent bulbs. It is estimated that almost $40.00 of this is from the home air conditioning having to run more. Not a huge expense but it does add up over the years.

Starting in 2012 a law goes into effect that sets new standards for general service light bulbs. The main purpose of this law is to promote compact fluorescent bulbs, reduce our energy consumption, and potentially reduce our dependence on foreign energy sources.

Compact fluorescent bulbs are a little more expensive, but they can last 10x longer than traditional bulbs. In the long homeowners and business owners can save energy and money. It may just be a good idea to start changing them out now...

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