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New home windows and operating styles

Select the best replacement energy efficient windows

There are several types of new home windows to choose from. And the overall window energy efficiency can depend on the operating style itself. 

Ensure that you select the best energy efficient windows for your home by comparing and contrasting the difference between sliding and hinged windows, sometimes called projected windows.

New home windows and sylesSingle and Double hung

These windows slide open and shut. In double hung windows both top and bottom parts open or slide vertically. 

These operating types more often than not have high air leakage rates therefore compromising overall window energy efficiency.

Horizontal Sliders
Both single slider and double slider units are essentially single or double hung windows that open and seal horizontally. Sliding models in generally have the same air leakage rates as single hung and double hung windows.

One benefit of this operating type is that the entire window can be opened to maximize warm climate breezes, unlike vertical and horizontal sliders. 

More importantly hinged units usually have lower air leakage rates making, them some of the best replacement and new home windows on the market.

Awnings just like casements are hinged, but there hinged along the top of the frame and the window opens outward. Since they are hinged, they also have relatively good air leakage rates just like casements.
Hoppers are hinged at the bottom part of the frame and open inward. Just like all hinged units the entire window can be opened. Low air leakage rates also make hoppers some of the best energy efficient windows available.

Don't forget about the Window Frame! Which frame you choose can
have a huge effect on overall window efficiency.

Double Paned Windows are 1/3 more efficient than single pane windows.

Triple Glazed Windows provide more protection against both heat loss and gain.
Which replacement windows are best for your home will also depend
largely on your regional climate.

Home Energy Savings - Pleases Your Pockets And The Earth
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