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Reusable and Removable window film

Reusable and Removable Window FilmHeat control window film

Removable window film can be more convenient than bonding or adhesive heat control window film. This energy saving film is also easier to apply yourself. 

From just appearance alone, a removable film is essentially identical to an adhesive energy saving window film.

Static Cling or
Peel and Cling

Static cling window film, sometimes called peel and cling, is adhesive free. A static technology is used to securely stick to the glass surface without a more permanent bonding. 

This heat control window film is not only much easier to remove, its easier and less time consuming to install. Decorative energy saving window film is also available in many designs, enhancing and customizing home decor.

The words static cling, peel and cling or reusable should be prominently displayed on the packaging of the removable film.

Transition from summer to winter with ease

Static cling window film effectively absorbs the summer and spring time solar heat. Removable decorative and glare reduction film can reduce solar heat gain by as much as 50%.

If you live in climate zones where both home cooling costs and heating costs are of concern, then static cling window film allows you to replace the heat absorbing film for a more insulating window film during the winter months.

You then can store and reuse the heat control window film the following spring and summer with ease.

Home Energy Savings - Pleases Your Pockets And The Earth
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