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Inside or interior storm windows

Inside storm windows guard against heat loss

Installing inside or interior storm windows can significantly reduce costly heat loss. These energy saving window treatments are a must have for all homeowners who live in climate regions where heating bills are of great concern.

Inside storm windows can be a more cost effective alternative to installing new energy efficient windows. However its important to note that future home energy savings will also largely depend on the efficiency of the existing exterior window assembly itself.

Home energy savings and home comfort

Interior storm windows can eliminate household drafts as well as provide an insulating sound barrier between the outside elements and the interior of your home.

Many manufactures are now offering inside storm windows with UV protection coating. This coating significantly reduces the amount of harmful UV light from entering your home. UV rays can cause skin cancer and the premature fading of household fabrics and wood furnishings.

Recently inside storm windows with low e coatings have been introduced. These coatings are placed on the panes not only to further reduce heat loss, but to absorb and reflect solar heat during the spring and summer months as well.

Interior storm windows with low e coatings are very effective year round energy saving window treatments.

Maintains view and exterior home appearance

Interior storm windows are virtually invisible from the outside, while the view from the inside remains practically unchanged. Unlike exterior storms, inside storm windows preserve a homes outdoor appearance.

In fact these energy saving window treatments are often preferred for use in older homes as well as public and historic buildings. They allow homeowners and museum care takers alike to improve efficiency while retaining the original exterior window appearance.

Easy to install and remove

Interior storms can be mounted in several ways. Mounting brackets or tracks can be fastened and placed along the inside window trim.

Some models use stainless steel springs that seal against the inside window trim, these models usually can be popped in or out for easy installation and removal. Other models simply use magnetic strips along the window trim for mounting.

Glass or Plastic?

These energy saving window coverings are available in glass and plastics. Glass panes generally have better visibility, providing clearer a view. If handled carefully glass panes also tend to last longer than plastic or plexiglass panes.

Acrylic and plexiglass panes are less fragile than glass panes. However plexiglass storms demand some care. Over time lack of care can cause scratching of the surface, resulting in a cloudy outward view.

Plexiglass panes are also considerably less expensive than their glass counterparts. Homeowners should avoid installing acrylic or plexiglass interior storm windows near large heat sources such as fireplaces and ovens.

Do it yourself storm windows

Only the frame of the storm window is provided. The storm frame is usually vinyl and can be cut to fit almost any window. Homeowners then purchase the plexiglass acrylic sheet separately.

Many hardware stores and home improvement retailers sell acrylic sheets and most retailers will cut and size the plexiglass sheet for you.

Plastic window insulation film kits are ideal for those seeking a temporary and more cost effective solution. Plastic window insulation kits come equipped with all the necessary instructions needed to install these durable insulated window coverings and all in a matter of minutes.

Home Energy Savings - Pleases Your Pockets And The Earth
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