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CFL energy saver light bulbs

How do compact fluorescent light bulbs work?

CFL energy saver light bulbs are so energy efficient that they use up to 75% less electricity than standard bulbs. And compact fluorescent light bulbs produce the same amount of light as incandescents.

How is this possible? CFL light bulbs performs differently than a traditional bulbs.

Traditional or incandescent bulbs

Incandescent bulbs have whats called a filament. These are the thin wires that can be seen and heard rattling inside the bulb when shaken, especially when the bulb is burned out.

Electricity is essentially ran through this filament and turned into heat. Some of this heat burns into white light and the glass shell of the bulb projects this light outward.

In short traditional bulbs use electricity to produce heat. But only about 5% of this heat is produced into light. Therefore incandescent bulbs use only about 5% of the electricity consumed to actually produce light, the rest of the electricity only produces useless heat.

Compact fluorescent light bulbs

CFL energy saver light bulbs are different. The outer shell of CFL light bulbs are nothing more than a tightly wrapped tubes.

The tube on these energy efficient light bulbs are completely sealed and contain phosphor powder and mercury. Since compact fluorescent light bulbs contain mercury, proper CFL disposal is important. 

CFL light bulbs contain two electrodes that serve as filaments. When the light is turned on the electricity flows through the electrodes. The electrodes then transfer atoms created by the voltage to the mercury.

The mercury then gives off an ultra violet light throughout the tube. The phosphor powder inside the CFL changes the ultra violet light into light we humans can actually see.

The result; energy efficient light bulbs that uses well over 30% of the electricity flowing through it to actually produce light. And these energy efficient light bulbs produce anywhere between 70% and 80% less heat than traditional bulbs.

Before you make the switch, learn how to shop energy star light bulbs.

CFL light bulbs come in different shapes and sizes. And the size and shape
may determine which bulb is right for you.

Use our savings calculator and see how energy efficient these light bulbs are.

CFL's do contain small traces of mercury; so proper CFL disposal is a must.

Do you have dimming light switches at home? Switch to dimmable CFL bulbs.

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