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CFL light bulbs shapes and sizes

Which compact fluorescent light bulbs do you need?

While CFL light bulbs come in various shapes and sizes, most energy efficient light bulbs can fit any light fixture. However it's important to note that some compact fluorescent light bulbs perform better than others in certain types of light fixtures.

Different types of CFL light bulbs

Cfl Light Bulb Shapes and SizesSpiral or Twist

The spiral shape tube is designed to somewhat resemble the traditional bulb. While they fit almost all light fixtures, these CFL bulbs are much better suited for indoor use.

Triple tube or Universal

Inner tubing provides a greater light output coming from a smaller bulb. These energy saver light bulbs are best suited for indoors and are great replacements for reading lamps.

Covered or Standard

Spiral or twist CFL's with a traditional bulb like cover. This provides a more equally distributed light. These bulbs are better suited for indoor use, but can be used in covered outdoor fixtures.

Cfl Light Bulb Shapes and SizesGlobe or Dome

Best suited in bathroom fixtures and those open handing ceiling lamps found usually in stairways and hallways. Best for indoor use but can be used in covered outdoor fixtures.

Candle or Candelabra

Designed for smaller light fixtures such as chandeliers and some indoor wall hung fixtures. Indoor use and wont fit most outdoor fixtures.

Flood or Reflector

Can be used indoors or outdoors. These compact fluorescent light bulbs can be used in covered or exposed outdoor fixtures such as motion detectors and landscape lighting fixtures.

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Why are CFL's energy saver light bulbs? How do CFL's work?

Before making the switch, learn how to shop compact fluorescent light bulbs.

Finally fluorescent bulbs that will compliment your home with cozy
and warm shades of light. CFL light bulbs have improved light quality.

Do you have dimming light switches at home? Use new dimmable CFL bulbs.

Since CFL's contain small traces of mercury; proper CFL disposal is important.

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Home Energy Savings - Pleases Your Pockets And The Earth
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