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Fixing a toilet
How to repair a running toilet

Just one toilet tank running in your home can be very costly

Fixing a toilet...How to repair a running toilet Don't blindly throw money at the problem. Before fixing a toilet, perform a toilet tank leak test. 

You will confidently identify where the leak is before you fix or repair the running toilet. Performing a leak test is very simple. 

In fact even if you dont suspect a toilet leak, this test should be done periodically in order to dectect even the smallest leaks and drains.   

Imagine that the water in your toilet tank traveling down to the bowl after every flush is your hard earned money. Then imagine if between flushes your money was constantly, and unnecessarily, dripping and draining into the toilet bowl. 

Before fixing a toilet

First remove the toilet tank cover. After the cover is removed, carefully observe the water level inside the tank. If the level seems very close or even slightly above the over flow tube, usually found in the middle of the tank, this indicates that the refill mechanism or fill valve may need replacing.

These fill valves, especially in older models, are very prone to costly leaks. In order to be certain that the fill valve is leaking follow these simple steps.

  1. With a just a few flicks off the wrist, shut off the water supply to the toilet. The shut off valve is almost always located beneath the toilet tank on the left hand side.

  2. Mark the water level in the tank with a pencil, pen or marker.

  3. Then return, after an hour or so, and check the water level again.

  4. If the water level is the same as marked and if there is a noticeable leak then your toilet keeps running because of a leaking fill valve.
  5. If the water level has dropped below the mark then replacing the fill valve may not help, in fact you probably have a toilet flapper leak.

Before you repair a running toilet

Many times costly toilet leaks are caused by old and cracked toilet flappers or flush valves as well. The flush valve is found at the bottom of the toilet tank and is responsible for releasing the water from the tank to the bowl.

Performing this leak test will determine if the old flapper is the cause before even fixing a toilet. This test is also quick and easy.

  1. Make sure the water supply to toilet is as normal.

  2. Then apply a small amount of food coloring or liquid detergent to the filled toilet tank. Just enough to alter the color of the water in the tank.

  3. Return in an hour or so and observe the water in the toilet bowl.

  4. If the water in the toilet bowl has changed color as well, then your toilet tank is running because of a toilet flapper leak.

Do you have leaks?

Don't worry, fixing a toilet is so simple anyone can do it. Fill valves as well as toilet flappers can be found in toilet tank repair kits sold at almost all hardware stores. These toilet tank repair kits are inexpensive and the parts are very easy to install.

It may be time to consider a new low flow toilet. Newer models today are even more water efficient than the standard. Some of these water saving toilets use up to 20% less water and new dual flush toilets also use less water per flush.

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