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Toilet flapper leak...Repair a running toilet

Fixing a toilet leak

Toilet tank flapper A toilet flapper leak drains water from your toilet tank to the bowl and drains money from your pockets. Repair a running toilet, its easy to do. 

Toilet flappers, which are sometimes called flush valves, essentially release the water from a filled toilet tank to the toilet bowl.

This released water flow is what actually provides the waste clearing flush. So a leaking toilet flapper, or flush valve, is essentially equivalent to a toilet that keeps running and thats constantly flushing.

Fixing a running toilet means water savings

Just imagine the negative effect that even a minor toilet flapper leak can have on your water bills. You can repair a running toilet by simply replacing the old, and probably cracked, toilet flapper. 

New flush valves can actually seal the water from the toilet tank even more effectively than their older flappers.

And these newer toilet flappers are less prone to cracks and future leaks. Toilet tank repair kits and toilet flappers are very inexpensive and easy to install.

Follow these simple instructions and replace that leaking toilet flapper and repair a running toilet

  1. First turn off the water supply to the toilet tank. The shut off valve is usually found underneath the tank on your left hand side.
  2. Then remove the water from the tank, by either flushing several times or using buckets.
  3. Then remove the old flapper by simply pulling it from the pivot arm and the attaching chain.
  4. Dont forget to clean any residue around the surface of the hole at the bottom of the toilet tank.
  5. Place the new flapper and align it with the valve seat, or hole, at the bottom of the tank. Some adjustment of the pivot arm will most likely be needed.
  6. Then simply replace the attaching chain.
How easy was that? You have completed your toilet tank repair, and stopped the unnecessary drain from your pockets.

Toilet still keeps running? Then fixing the toilet may require replacing the fill valve. It may be time to consider low flow toilets. Newer models are even more water efficient than the standard 1.6 gallon per flush models. Some of these water saving toilets use up to 20% less water and new dual flush toilets also use less water per flush.

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