Saving Energy - Wasteful Habits Destroying Our Environment
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Saving Energy - Wasteful Habits Destroying Our Environment

by Kayla Robinson

Due to the poor energy saving habits that we've been living with since birth, we've all been wasting energy without even realizing it until only a few years ago. Now it's our responsibility, as Americans, for the common interest of our country, to consume energy and water without crippling our environment further.

Up until recently, I didn't realize how many wasteful things I did from day to day. There are several steps that you can take to live a "greener" lifestyle to benefit the environment in appreciation for all it does for us.

The number one savior for our environment in my eyes is recycling. You'd be surprised at how many recyclable things you use on a day to day basis! Milk cartons, cereal boxes, yogurt containers, shopping bags, butter containers, newspapers, papers, plastic silverware, and a whole jubilee more!

When you recycle, this means that fewer materials are needed to be made, resulting in less use of our important resources. Recycling enables us to reuse things over and over, which is pretty smart if you ask me.

Other nifty inventions are the things that use fewer watts. Like I use this Google powered search engine instead of Google itself. They even make Christmas lights that use less energy, so when you want to look at lights for the entire month of December, you can make a difference at the same time!

All in all, you don't have to be part of a committee or a major corporation with lots of money to make a difference. Recycling, using light bulbs that use less energy and turning things off when you're not using them can make a whole world of difference to, well, our world.

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Home Energy Savings - Pleases Your Pockets And The Earth

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