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Saving Energy - The Environment Is Our Motivation

by Janet
(New Paltz, New York)

My family and I are definitely more concerned about the environment and as a result the planet is our motivation to save energy and water. We are nowhere near doing everything we possibly can.

I guess one could say in favor of the environment we're making the relatively easy choices, such as taking shorter showers, segregating our trash, driving cars that are nearer the more fuel-efficient end of the spectrum, and turning off unnecessary lights and appliances.

Still, I feel that we’re falling short, and it might be in part because of the immediate cost of making bigger choices like using solar energy or alternatively-fueled vehicles. Though these changes are guaranteed to pay for themselves, I feel (like us) a lot of people are not in the financial position to make that kind of expense up-front.

I think this is kind of sad. In the near future these choices need to be made more accessible, and more affordable. But I realize that some responsibility falls on the shoulders of each one of us.

Each of us is able to recognize the need for these changes and once we make other people understand that need, it's only a matter of time before it can be addressed.

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Home Energy Savings - Pleases Your Pockets And The Earth

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