Saving energy - My Evolution Into An Environmentalist
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Saving energy - My Evolution Into An Environmentalist

by Wendy
(Akron, Ohio)

I was not always an environmentally concerned citizen, it happened over time. I think the very first time I realized that I needed to save energy and water was the very first time I had to pay for it myself. And with youth that realization soon faded into the past with each paycheck until decades later when I woke up again.

It seems the mainstream media (Print Journalism, Television and Hollywood) has been making obvious pleas for citizens to consider saving energy and water. I must admit this is one of the few times the mainstream media has been doing the right thing.

Right about the time that we purchased our home, the growing concerns started clicking in my head. We first began to saving energy and water in order to save money. Helping the environment was never a serious consideration.

But now, after several years, I see that the two really go hand in hand. We save money and save the environment. Conservation in America is quickly becoming the new wave because while the environment desperately needs our attention people are simultaneously taking a much closer look at their bottom line.

I believe that many people are embracing the challenge and yielding results that they can see each month and being able to quickly see the results of efforts made helps the process of saving energy and water move in a positive direction each month.

Less water and energy use equals more financial savings, as well as a securer more sustainable environment. Although I enjoy saving money as a result of my energy and water conservation in my home, my actions are present in all other areas of my life wherever I am, even in public places.

Now wherever I go I try to conserve. I have become part of the movement and realize that I have finally become an environmentally concerned citizen.

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Home Energy Savings - Pleases Your Pockets And The Earth

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