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Saving Energy - All The Little Things Really Count

by Sharon
(Fishkill, New York)

As Americans we are creatures of comfort. That includes me and my family. But unless we all make some real changes about how we use energy and water, our comfortable lives are in jeopardy. But change and sacrifice are hard for everyone. So, start with the little things that are easy to do and don't cost much if anything.

Recycling does not take any significant effort and reusing disposable products saves energy and money. By combining your trips in the car you will find that you have much more time in your day/week. Walking places with your children gives you so much time to listen to them and share with them.

I cannot afford to buy more expensive items just because they are green. I really wish I had that option but it is just not economically possible for me and my family. But try to be as environmentally friendly as you can. Look for locally grown products, products with less packaging, using reusable grocery bags or even shopping with a friend.

Change is hard but without growth, a people will die. It has to be more of a priority for all Americans to be friendlier to our world and saving energy and water is the most effective way all of us can achieve this. After all, we all leave a footprint on the world. Just try to make it a little smaller every day by saving energy and water.

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Home Energy Savings - Pleases Your Pockets And The Earth

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