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Georgia natural gas prices and providers

Misconceptions about switching providers

When comparing Georgia natural gas prices, rates and providers consider this; the burden of actually supplying natural gas remains the responsibility of the existing infrastructure. 

Atlanta Gas and Light, or AGL, is the owner of the existing infrastructure. AGL is responsible for the maintenance of the gas pipe lines, meters and the supply of natural gas as a whole. 

In fact it's AGL who sells the supply to the competing Georgia natural gas providers. And in return the providers set the natural gas prices and rates. 

Deceptive advertising

Understandably we all can become drawn to television or highway billboards while stuck in traffic. Some long standing natural gas providers in Georgia take full advantage of this.

Have you seen the ads claiming clean, safe and reliable natural gas service from Georgia natural gas providers? The reality is no provider can truthfully make the claim that their service is cleaner, safer or more reliable than another provider. 

In Georgia the only difference between natural gas providers is their price per therm rates and service fees. And by switching Georgia providers, the only change would be who obtains the privilege of billing you and for how much. 

In fact there are some new natural gas providers who can offer residents lower Georgia natural gas rates. So consider comparing and compare often. 

Shop And Compare Current Georgia Natural Gas Rates And Providers

If more residents compared Georgia natural gas rates, the market wouldn't be dominated by a few providers. This means more competition and lower prices.

Which providers and which plans are this month's best picks?



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