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Looking for the best shower head?

Water saving shower heads with shut off valves

Water saving shower heads with shut off valvesSearching for the best shower head ? Saving water while showering also means reducing water heating costs. 

low flow shower heads that come equipped with shut off valves can help you lower your water and water heating costs even more than standard low flow shower heads.

With these water saver shower heads, you can pause hot and warm water while you lather, shampoo and condition. So say good bye to wasted hot water, no more waiting for the water to reheat to a comfortable temperature again after lathering.

Simply pull a lever, shampoo, condition or lather and then pull again. And while you are rinsing you will be enjoying hot relaxing water at exactly the same temperature again.

Water saver shower heads and water heating 

But considering that most of us shower with warm or hot water, its safe to say that all water saver shower heads will provide water and energy savings by giving your water heater a much deserved break.

With that said, low flow shower heads with shut off valves maybe the best shower head simply because they effortlessly allow you to take full advantage of both the potential energy and water savings.

Can't seem  to find one with a shut off valve?

For just a few dollars more simply place a separate shut off valve between the end of your shower arms and your water saving shower heads and enjoy the same hot water savings.

This simple plumbing addition can be done by just about anyone. Its as simple as a few flicks of the wrist, or at worst a few turns of a wrench.

A plumbing shut off valve will only cost you $4 to $8 and the overwhelming majority of them will fit any bathroom shower arm or water saver shower head. But before purchasing one, it's a good idea to double check for fit.

Why wait for future water bills? Take a look and see
the potential of a water saving shower head for yourself.

Home Energy Savings - Pleases Your Pockets And The Earth
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