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Some water saving toilets perform differently 

Comparing low flow toilets? Choosing the best flushing toilets requires understanding how some water saving toilets perform quite differently than others.

By now you may be well aware of the money and water saving potential. But before selecting a particular low flow toilet, it's important for consumers to know that some models use different flushing methods than others.

Getting a better understanding of these different flushing methods will only further ensure that you select the best flushing toilets for your home.

Single flush or gravity fed low flow toilet

These low flow toilets are the most common on the market, single flush water saving toilets essentially use gravity to transfer water from the tank to the bowl. Although this simple technology has been used for quite some time, there is still water and money saving potential with these models.

Many manufactures of gravity fed low flow toilets have recently reduced the amount of water used to flush from the now standard 1.6 gallons to as low as 1.1 gallons, and without sacrificing the overall flushing performance.

It's important to note that gravity fed or single flush toilets are generally more inexpensive when compared to their counterparts.

Pressure assist low flow toilet

These low flush toilets use the extra help of pressurized air to guarantee a powerful and water efficient flush. A pressure assist power flush toilet usually delivers this extra air by way of a pressurized tank.

The pressurized tank is usually a large container thats located inside the toilet tank. Some pressure assist water saving toilets have pressurized tanks that contain constantly compressed air. And other models contain tanks that recompress between flushes.

A pressure assist toilet typically uses from 1.3 gallons to as low as .9 gallons per flush. These pressure assist models are generally more expensive than gravity fed toilets, but they have very high consumer ratings making them some of the best flushing toilets on the market.

Electric power assist low flush toilet

These water saving toilets use electricity, provided by an electric pump, to supply added flushing pressure. The electric pump usually requires around 120 volts of electricity to properly operate.

These power flush toilets generally use from 1.1 gallons to as little as .8 gallons to flush, and as of late electric dual flush models are becoming more available.

It's important to note that purchasing an electric model may have some energy savings setbacks, considering that these models do require a small amount of electricity to flush. 

But power assist models are some of the best flushing toilets available. And many homeowners are very impressed with how extremely quiet these models are.

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